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Ebony Tree Farms is a social enterprise committed to creating healthy and sustainable opportunities for 100,000 families in the Central Savannah Regional Area (CSRA) by 2030 through our catalog of products, services, and community projects.

Our mission is providing access to fresh, healthy, and sustainable food, while also empowering communities through education and training.

The Mission

Our mission is providing access to fresh, healthy, and sustainable food, while also empowering communities through education and training.

Our History

The Farm was founded in 2022 with the goal of creating a sustainable solution to the challenges of food insecurity in our community.

What We Offer

Our Services

Hydropower Plants

At The Farm, we offer technology training in advanced agriculture (hydroponic, aeroponic, etc.) to individuals and organizations. Our goal is to teach our communities how to use the power of food to improve physical and financial well-being; then implement self-sustaining practices brings the community closer together.

Inverter Integrations

Ask us how we can help you setup a modular micro farm. We also provide training, supplies, and help with setting up a model for sale/distribution.

Interested in starting an independent small farm at your organization, church, school of foundation?

Healthy & Delicious

Our Product

Our primary product is fresh organic produce, grown in our indoor hydroponic container farm. We currently offer the below array of delicious and healthy options.

Hydroponic Technology

We believe that access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food is a fundamental right for all. We achieve this by utilizing hydroponic container farming technology to grow fresh organic produce year-round, reducing our carbon footprint and providing local jobs.

Agricultural Efficiency

Our indoor farms use 90% less water and 100% less pesticides than traditional farming, making them both eco-friendly and safe for consumption.

Coming Soon

In the near future, we will offer a variety of organic salad kits blended from our unique crop matrix and partnered with local seasonal favorites.

Also, join our newsletter to be the first to know when flavorful and tasty entrees from our own kitchen (V-Spot Café) will be available in your


  • Kale
  • Butter Lettuce
  • Bok Choy


  • Thai Basil

  • Parsley
  • Chive
  • Mint
  • Cilantro


  • Lion’s Mane
  • Oyster
Environmental Justice Projects

In the Village

As a social enterprise, we are committed to environmental justice projects that promote healthy living, healthy eating, and community development. We are passionate about empowering marginalized communities through urban agriculture, soil and water conservation practices, land ownership, and youth leadership training.

That is why, through our nonprofit entity (ETC), we proudly partner with other community-based organizations to create projects that inspire change in every fiber of the community’s tapestry.

Environmental Justice Projects

As part of our mission to create sustainable solutions that promote food justice, we collaborate with local partners to build community gardens around the Central Savannah Regional Area (CSRA). Our community gardens provide access to fresh produce, while also promoting soil and water conservation practices.

Healthy and Wellness Awareness

At The Farm, we also believe that education is key to creating a healthy and sustainable future. We offer workshops in healthy living and healthy eating. Our workshops are designed to educate and empower individuals to make healthier choices for themselves and their communities.

Youth Leadership Training

Our youth leadership training program is another way we empower the next generation of leaders to create positive change in their communities. Through our program, we provide training and support to youth, helping them develop the skills they need to become advocates for environmental justice and sustainable agriculture.

Free Resources

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Join Our Team

At The Farm, we provide our community members with the opportunity to join our team through various programs. If you’re looking to make a difference in your community, become a volunteer, apprentice, or intern with us!

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